How It Works

At LaserHQ we use the best DIODE laser for hair removal. With the 808m wave length it's perfect for reaching the base of the hair follicles. This laser is the best overall laser for all skin types based on long term use and safety. Our laser is the most effective, safest and fastest way for permanent hair removal on the market- no other laser compares!

Crystal freeze technology means the treatment is virtually painless, the new innovation to numb the treatment area means all our clients have an even more pleasant experience. 

Using the latest crystal freeze technology and the fastest laser in the world, we provide a rapid, yet gentle, way of removing unwanted hair that has been medically proven to give you permanent hair reduction. Pulses of light are absorbed by the melanin in the hair, the melanin converts the light into heat which kills the follicle. Killing the hair follicle will ensure any hair is unable to re grow. 

The treatment is only effective on the growing hairs, this is because they are currently attached to the follicle. The majority of the hair will be in the resting stage (not attached to the follicle yet still in the skin), this is why a number of treatments are needed over a 5 - 6 week basis. This is to ensure we capture all hairs within the growth stage in the desired area to deliver results you will be completely satisfied with. 

We recommend around  8 sessions to permanently reduce the hair, however please note this may differ due to hormones. 

Laser Hair Removal is loved and used by celebrities all over the world, it is the best, most effective option for permenant hair removal. 



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